AR/VR Global Summit
May 20, 2021
This global online summit is the largest and fastest growing immersive tech event in the world! The VR/AR Global Summit Online is an online conference taking place June 2-4,2021. It is brought to you by the VR/AR Association, connecting the best virtual reality and augmented reality solution providers with enterprise and media entertainment companies.
The June 2020 summit had 11,000+ attendees, 250+ Speakers, Exhibitors, plus 1000s interactive 1-on-1s, 30 networking group sessions on specific topics/verticals, and so much more! 
Reasons Why You Need to Attend
  1. Learn how to grow your business 
  2. Experience a world-class event 
  3. Learn practical and proven methodologies 
  4. Learn where to find the ROI for your business  
  5. Get inspired 
  6. Cross-vertical learning and collaboration
  7. Discover new innovative technologies 
  8. Networking!  1-on-1 video networking (Speed Dating), in groups (e.g., Automotive, Manufacturing, Energy, Education, Healthcare), and many social events! 
  9. Online Expo with Virtual Booths where you can see demos of latest products and offerings and talk with the representatives