Creative BC News

Bukola Balogun

May 11, 2021 | Funding Recipient

Recently hailed by CBC as one of the top 10 soulful female artists in the 2020 CBC Searchlight competition, Bukola is a 19-year-old musician who blends the sounds of contemporary R&B and Jazz music to create her own soulful sound. She's been pursuing her dreams of becoming a professional musician since she was 9 years old and has only been building momentum ever since. Her debut EP The Chronicles of a Teenage Mind is supported by Creative BC's Career Development program. 

"Through this project we've assembled an excellent team to support the launch of Bukola's debut EP: from finding the perfect BC photographer to capture Bukola's spirit, to finding an experienced, highly recommended female led media company to guide press and social, to securing an excellent designer and shortlisting radio promoters, each step has been a positive one representing growth, and preparation for the launch of Bukola's debut." 

Bukola has recently been working with Grammy Award-winning producer, Chin Injeti, and Juno award-winning producer Ben Kaplan on her debut EP which is set for release in early 2021.