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Morning Show

May 4, 2021 | Funding Recipient

Sometimes only a rude awakening can shake you off a misguided path. That’s what Vancouver based alt-rockers Morning Show received from their producer Colin Stewart in the spring of 2016. Morning Show was busy making gentle, refined tunes peppered with subtleties that the casual listener might never notice. Thankfully, the formidable Stewart (The New Pornographers, Yukon Blonde) bluntly informed them these songs were lousy and that the band sounded “bummed.” They realized that indeed they were, so they changed their line-up, adopted a new mentality (self-dubbed, freedom train) and “un-bummed” themselves. Out came their debut full-length album, Wine, smooth from start to finish.   

Newly condensed to a duo, songwriters Ethan Henthorn and Ryan Stephenson embraced a never-say-die attitude to spur their creative flows. Old songs were cut apart and new songs were written in a fury by rapidly sending ideas back and forth until before they knew it – “hey, I think we’ve got a song man.”

Check out their new sound documented in Wine.