As part of greening the industry, Reel Green is hosting monthly general meetings for members of the industry to attend and be a part of the conversation.

The November 2017 Reel Green General meeting was attended by several industry members including Kelsey Evans, Owner, Keep it Green Recycling, Bret Dougherty, Owner, MiniBins and Mark Obedzinski, Foam Only.

Meeting members discussed some of the motion picture industry’s big challenges and potential solutions when it comes to sustainable production practices.

Biggest issues:

  • Contamination of the waste/recycling/organics stream. Common culprits:
  • What’s coming in regards to international recycling restrictions.
    • Currently BC sends recycling to China to be recycled and made into new products. China is starting to crack down on contamination within the recycling stream which could result in rejection of future shipments and impact BC.


  • Contamination
    • Bags – use clear bags for waste and recycling and use compostable bags for organics. Put correct bag/material in the correct compartment of the MiniBins split bin.
    • Cutlery – switch to reusable cutlery or use FSC certified wooden cutlery (can get from Sustainable Lockup)
    • Single use – avoid single use items such as individual plastic water bottles, condiments and buy in bulk.
  • Waste education
    • Inform crew, other industry organizations and members on how to recycle and divide waste.

Download Meeting Notes Here