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The Rogers Group of Funds + Creative BC announce the recipients of the second intake of the Documentary and Factual Development Fund

May 28, 2021 | News

Twenty-one recipients will be granted up to $7,500 each, leveraging these investments to develop motion picture projects in the documentary series and factual series formats, as either one-offs or series. Funds disbursed in this intake will total $157,500 of the $407,500 distributed to date of a two-year $800,000 investment committed by Rogers Group of Funds and Creative BC for delivery through March 31, 2022.

The Fund represents the first partnership in Canada between the Rogers Group  of Funds and any provincial partner and it embodies Creative BC’s actions for equity and inclusion in program delivery.

The Fund is part of the Reel Focus BC suite of programs delivered by Creative BC, designed to drive new domestic motion picture activity and the creation of B.C.-owned intellectual property. The partnership delivers essential support to documentary and factual  content creators so they can participate and succeed in an increasingly competitive and dynamic marketplace.

This round of funding supports individual documentary and factual projects prior to their being greenlit by a market trigger, such as a broadcaster or streamer. This key feature removes barriers to enter by providing needed supports during early-stage development, thus enabling the creation of high- quality bids.

The Rogers Group of Funds and Creative BC are pleased to announce the 21 recipients of the second intake for the Early-Stage Investigation Development Program:


1.              Adhel Productions, First Girls

The Second Sudanese Civil War explored through the recollections of women who served as child soldiers in the Sudan People’s Liberation Army.


2.              Aimer Films Inc., Treasure of the Rice Terraces

A Filipino-Canadian journeys to his home country in the Philippines and reclaims his national identity through the ancient Filipino art of tattooing.


3.              All In Pictures Inc., Women at the Table

The series will explore stories of female world leaders and how each have managed through crises; pandemic, political, environmental, or financial challenges that have faced each of them.


4.              Cascadoo Films, ENDOMIC: Uncut

The feature incarnation of the short film ENDOMIC, just another-run-of-the-mill biting feminist satire about endometriosis.


5.              Diving Bell Films Inc., At the Penthouse

A diverse group of contemporary burlesque performers trace the social history of Canada’s oldest & most notorious nightclub, The Penthouse.


6.              Fat End Productions Inc., Dishing

An exploration of global LGBTQ2S+ culture and community through its food and drink, featuring boundary-pushing chefs and mixologists.


7.              Imposter Media Inc., Necessary Tomorrows

Necessary Tomorrows is a feature documentary about the science fiction writers and futurists creating the blueprint for a post-capitalism future.


8.              InnoNative, Saints and Warriors

Saints and Warriors is a documentary that explores the intense relationship between Indigenous peoples, Identity and Basketball. In preparation for the historic All Native Basketball Tournament, the documentary follows two basketball teams, Skidegate Saints and Old Massett Warriors – two Indigenous basketball teams composed of the best ball players on Haida Gwaii.


9.              Jessica Wadsworth & Joe Watts, The Ruddy Redwood Story

The Ruddy Redwood Story is a 22-minute documentary documenting the accidental production of “versions” in late-1960s Jamaican dance halls and how transnational movement of these records gave birth to hip-hop, dance and club music as we know it today.


10.           Joella Cabalu, Nakabingwit: First Comes Love

Four Filipino-Canadians and their Caucasian partners navigate race and romance against the backdrop of Canadian multiculturalism.


11.           Kahani Pictures Inc., The Other Side of Me

A conflicted Sikh recounts the incredible journey that brought his family & people to Canada after surviving generations of violence.


12.           Lark Productions Inc., Dirtbag Climber

Dirtbag Climber is a documentary series investigating the death of “Jesse James”—the mysterious homicide victim whose true identity is more twisted than his murder case.


13.           Lucy Komori, Tsunagu: Intergenerational Conversations

Through personal narratives, Tsunagu looks at the impact of past racist actions on today's Japanese Canadians and how trauma passes from one generation to the next.


14.           Milena Salazar, Robot Kindergarten

Robotic pets are here. Should we fall in love with them?


15.           Moccasin Footprint Society, The Swimmers

To Indigenous people the salmon is not just a fish, it is the Spirit that swims. A spirit that is dying.


16.           self-directed studies, FREEWAY ‘67

FREEWAY ‘67 is an inspiring documentary examining the history of the 1960s Vancouver freeway protests—a moment that forever changed the relationship between city hall and its citizens and marked a new era of community-led interventions in city planning.

17.           Stories First Productions, Your Conflict is Our Conflict: The History of Indigenous Soldiers in the West

Your Conflict is Our Conflict showcases the bravery, prowess and resilience of Indigenous men who helped the West win all of their wars.


18.           Tristan Oliver, Undiagnosed

A brilliant psychiatrist’s inability to seek treatment for his own mental illness is examined by the victims he hurt the most – his family.


19.           Windowbox Media Ltd., Hilarapy

A group of misfits with varying degrees of mental illness and addiction, work together to put on a hilarious stand-up show while tackling the very things that have nearly destroyed their lives.


20.           UATÊ Storied Learning, LAND AS BODY: Inter-National Indigenous Birth Work as Embodied Governance

A storied learning collection of voices documenting the significance of Indigenous Birth-knowledge in the futurity of Indigenous Governance.


21.           Young Fellows Pictures, The Big Smoke

A sexual harassment scandal powered by the MeToo movement brings down a notorious spiritual healer and uncovers the dark side of blind faith.


For more information on the Rogers Group of Funds and Creative BC Documentary and Factual Development Fund visit Creative BC’s website:–factual-development-fund


Bob D’Eith, Parliamentary Secretary Arts and Film

“Each one of these filmmakers has a great story to share. We’re supporting their projects from the start to get them off the ground and onto our screens. Documentary filmmaking is one of the strengths of B.C.’s industry. We’re so proud of this innovative partnership through Reel Focus BC to empower content creators.”


“We are excited to announce the 21 B.C. creators that will be supported to create powerful documentary and factual content. This partnership with Rogers Group of Funds has allowed us to invest in the development of 53 projects before market trigger, helping B.C. domestic producers create quality content and thrive in a competitive market.”


“Rogers Group of Funds is proud to collaborate with Creative BC to see many more independent and creative producers within the province to support the development of their documentaries right from the beginning,” said Robin Mirsky, Executive Director, Rogers Group of Funds. “Congratulations to the 21 recipients as they continue to navigate through an exciting and evolving media landscape.”

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