July 20, 2021
SOUNDOFF is an opportunity for a selection of British Columbia’s artists and musicians to get their music heard by international music supervisors.
Selected artists will be invited to play a short set at the VIFF AMP Music in Film Summit (Oct. 8–10) and will have an opportunity to receive feedback and learn more about songwriting for film and television and gain valuable insight into placing music in visual media. Selected artists should take careful consideration of their song choice for this opportunity, with sync compatibility at top of mind.
Applicants may also be considered to perform for audiences and delegates as part of a music showcase at the 2021 VIFF AMP summit.
Since the launch of SOUNDOFF in 2017, over 50 artists & musicians have participated in the program including IAMTHELIVING, Desiree Dawson, Riun Garner, Teon Gibbs, Ocie Elliott, Biawanna, FRANKIIE, Titus Calderbank, Sam The Astronaut, HAVYN, Noble Son, Glass Forest, Chin Injeti, Harrison Brome, Emily Rowed, Haley Blais, The Long War, Sam Lynch, Luca Fogale, Loig Morin and FIONN.