21st Century Fox Social Impact has provided their sustainability report for Season 11 of the X-Files and the results are fantastic!

For those who don’t know, The X-Files has been at the forefront of environmentally sustainable film and television production for more than a decade. They’ve continued that legacy by reaching out to Green Spark Group to develop a comprehensive sustainability plan for Season 11.

Green Spark Group consultant who worked with the production, Jennifer Sandoval, remarks “supporting sustainable practices on X-Files, Season 11 was exciting and also challenging.  The biggest takeaway was seeing how everyone in every department has a part to play – from proper recycling to purchasing environmentally friendlier products, to smart energy management and fuel reduction, to donating and reusing materials whenever possible.  Sustainability is something that truly must be integrated at all levels and embraced by every crew and cast member. I was pleased to find that most everyone embraced these efforts which I think is reflected in the production's overall cost savings and avoided emissions.”

Some sustainable highlights include:

  • 68% of waste diverted from BC landfills

  • 19 tonnes of carbon emissions avoided

  • 2500 meals distributed to those in need through donation while avoiding food waste

  • 64% of the Green Production Guide’s best practices completed

  • Exclusive use of wood that was certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

  • Avoided the use of more than 126,400 plastic bottles

  • 20% of all set lighting used throughout the production was energy efficient alternatives

“Every choice we make is an energy choice, whether it’s using biofuels in our generators or simply turning off our vehicles if we stop to talk on the phone. This takes such a combined effort by so many people from the bottom to the top, and it can only be done through a spirit of cooperation, sharing and mindfulness” series creator Chris Carter said during his acceptance speech for the Industry Builder Award at the 2016 Vancouver International Film Festival.

Reel Green is excited to celebrate efforts like the ones taken on by the team at X-Files! Together we can all aim to achieve a more sustainable industry and better the planet! 

Oh wait, there’s more! Check out the full sustainability report here and a great video created to feature the sustainability program on Season 11 of X-Files.