PSTC Pre-assessments August 2021
August 18, 2021
To better serve all of our tax credits applicants, we have re-introduced a PSTC pre-assessments system to help ensure that applications are complete prior to an analyst being assigned for the accreditation certificate review.

PSTC General Eligibility Rules are outlined in the PSTC Summary and required support documents are listed in the PSTC Checklist.

Following a tax credit application portal transmission, PSTC applicants receive a pre-assessment email outlining what is required for the pre-assessment stage.

The PSTC application is added to the review queue when the pre-assessment stage is complete, meaning that all items listed in the pre-assessment email have been successfully addressed.

Note: pre-assessment is not the analyst’s review. Further questions, clarifications, and documents may be required for the accreditation certificate review. Please contact us for any questions.

Also Note: pre-assessment is not pre-certification. Applying for a PSTC accreditation certificate requires: 1) pre-certification 2) pre-assessment 3) accreditation. Pre-certification is completed with the online registration form. Pre-assessment and accreditation are completed via the online portal application transmission and any emails that follow from Creative BC.  Please contact us for any questions.