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Liv Wade

Aug 8, 2021 | Funding Recipient

Liv Wade is a Metis musician based on Salt Spring Island, where she is a beekeeper and runs a hobby farm with her partner. A life-long performer, Liv takes her inspiration from female icons, such as Buffy St Marie, Kathleen Edwards and Sarah Harmer. She also draws from artists like Ron Sexsmith, Lucinda Williams and Leonard Cohen whose artistry in lyric writing inspires her own song writing.

Liv’s interest in music began in early childhood. Growing up she attended the creative Waldorf School. She first started making "sounds" on the piano and at the age five her parents enlisted her in lessons. Liv was always captivated by the feelings music evoked and at age 13 began learning guitar. She is trained in both classical guitar and piano. Around the same time Liv started writing poems and delved into testing her voice in song. It wasn’t until her early 20's, after she learned about her birth mother and heritage, that she began creating and recording music. Growing up studying through the Royal Conservatory of Music, most people knew her as a visual artist; however, Liv always had a desire to be a vocalist. She attended the Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity in Alberta and the Aboriginal Music Program in Manitoba.

Just over four years ago Liv lost her birth mother whom she hadn’t met, followed by a serious accident a year later, which saw her facing a mountain of recovery – Liv didn’t think she would ever be making music again. Liv is now returning to her passion and is the recipient of the Imaginative iN Bullsye award.  She has just released her second album in collaboration with Canadian producer, Winston Hauschild. Liv’s verve for life is encapsulated in her latest album ‘Resilience,’ which speaks to her loss and recovery.

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