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Focus on albert, the Sustainability Program (UK), and Manager Jeremy Mathieu

Sep 1, 2021 | News

The albert system is a collaboration of 16 affiliate members with more joining every week, that enables albert to broaden its scope further.

Jeremy Mathieu, International Manager of albert, the UK’s think-tank on sustainability in film and television, was recently in the Netherlands for a second training at NTR. The Dutch broadcaster has acquired the license for this British initiative to implement as the sustainability standard for their productions. It could be argued that albert, governed by the BAFTA albert Consortium, is the most established and developed program for sustainability in the audiovisual industry in Europe.

The sustainability efforts in the UK audiovisual industry differ from the Netherlands in that it all started within the established TV broadcasting system. In fact the collaborative albert project grew out of a BBC initiative with the development of a carbon calculator back in 2011. Keen to share the application with the rest of the industry the BBC brought it to BAFTA, a pan industry organisation, and now the BAFTA albert Consortium works similarly to Ecoprod in France, joining all major players in the field.