Workplace Accessibility Grant
October 13, 2021
The Workplace Accessibility Grant program provides direct supports to small business employers in British Columbia by providing direct financial assistance towards creating an inclusive work environment for persons with a disability(ies).
What the grant can be used for?
The grant can be used for the following (but not exclusively for):
  • Environment: ramps, lighting levels, accessible washrooms, adaptions to vehicles, etc.
  • Attitudes: anti-bias training
  • Practices: training to review and amend interview processes, ASL interpreting for new staff orientation, accessibility audit of workflow, etc.
  • Policies: funding for legal and consulting advice in revising policies, time for staff to revise policies, etc.
  • Information and Communication: job task checklists in pictorial form, ASL version of policies, application forms accessible to screen readers, reprinting hardcopies of material in large font, Braille versions of documents, update web-pages for accessibility, etc.
  • Technologies: purchasing software that enables production of accessible documents, flashing fire alarms for Deaf employees, specialized headsets, tablet for communication, laptop to allow some one to work from home, specialized tools, etc.
The grant will be administered beginning June 21, 2021 through April 30, 2022 on a first come first served basis.