CC Film Goes Sustainable for Crazy8s

Oct 15, 2021

The #Crazy8sFilms18 Gala Screening was held Saturday, February 24, 2018, where the premiere of the six Crazy8s 2018 short films made in just 8 days from February 9-16!

The film CC, produced by Natasha Wehn, , Lauren Beason, and Victoria Burkhart, was one of the 2018 short films featured at the Gala. CC while in production committed to sustainable best practices by utilizing compostable cutlery provided by the Sustainable Lockup! The use of the FSC certified compostable cutlery ensured that there was little to no contamination in the production’s compost. Waste stream contaminations are very common and it requires dedication to sorting and avoiding contamination to ensure that you or your production’s efforts for composting and recycling are realized. It’s challenging to go through the work of implementing a great recycling and compost program only to have it all put into the landfill because of contamination! 
By using compostable items, like CC did with wooden compostable cutlery from Sustainable Lockup, decreases the opportunity for contamination in your waste streams. 
However, this isn’t the only sustainable action CC took while filming for Crazy8sCC also worked with Keep it Green Recycling to set up a 3 bin system (compost, landfill, recycle) provided by Whites LES, donated surplus food from craft services to the crew, utilized compostable paper plates, and brought water in bulk provided by Fresh & Reddy that was used with a water cooler to minimize the use of individual plastic water bottles.  
Wehn notes that CC is excited about the steps they took to make their production more sustainable and looks forward to improving for future productions. 
Great job guys! #reelgreen

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