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DJ O Show

Oct 4, 2021 | Funding Recipient

Orene Askew, aka DJ O Show, brings energy and expertise to every event she hosts and DJ's. With the support of Creative BC's Vancouver Music Fund Music Video program, DJ O Show will be filming her first music video with Patrick Shannon and Jane Aurora for an upcoming single. 

Coming from a diverse background, O Show is driven by her passion. She is Afro-Indigenous, Two Spirit, and a proud member of the Squamish Nation. Feeling as though she stood out in a unique way, she has embraced both her cultural backgrounds and incorporates the teachings she has learned into everything she does.

DJ O Show has experience teaching with an inspired approach. She is an inspirational speaker, having traveled across the country to bring ambition and drive to all generations, and is an elected member of the Squamish Nation Council.

Human Biography, known for producing video content “for the most powerful brands, organizations, and humans on the planet,” is featuring DJ O Show's life in a new documentary; showcasing her life as a DJ, a motivational speaker for Indigenous youth, a Squamish Nation councillor, a voice for the two-spirited on a few different LGBTQ+ boards, and a business coach.