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DoBC Consumer Insights Project

Nov 4, 2021 | Funding Recipient

How well do you know music and nightlife across the province? Check out the DoBC Consumer Insights Project report to find out.

The DoBC Consumer Insights Project examines the habits, trends and barriers B.C. consumers experience with respect to music and nightlife. Built from over 3,000 survey responses, this report offers a comprehensive look at the music landscape in B.C. from a consumer standpoint, drawing conclusions about future trends and identifying opportunities for growth.

Key Findings:

  • Music is the most popular entertainment category, and digital media has overtaken traditional: 80% of consumers have streamed music in the past week, 87% have streamed YouTube, and 95% have read online media.
  • Social media, digital media and streaming account for the majority of artist and event discovery especially <35 y/o
  • British Columbian’s spend an average of $100 per night out, with an average ticket price of $27, and $73 spend per person.
  • British Columbian’s want to go out more, but ticket prices, awareness, distance to venues, and show times prevent them from attending more events.

Read the DoBC Consumer Insights Final Executive Report and the Full Report to learn more.