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Nov 1, 2021 | Funding Recipient

Langley-based singer-songwriter Sandy Powlik has been turning heads for years. From fronting a 17-piece big band, co-founding/sole lyricist/vocalist for folk rock group, Sonnenblume, she has since staged her own show, LOLA PARKS, for over a decade. 

LOLA PARKS is a female Indigenous Canadian musical artist of Montagnais (Innu), Ukrainian, French and British ancestry, compelled to create and share her art, to give and be a voice. Over the years, she has created a fiercely independent musical history that includes studio session recordings, collaborations and performing around the world. She has led Western Canada tours and had TV/film/radio placements on TV's "Higher Ground", Mutant Film's "The Orchard" and CBC Radio’s “Early Edition” theme song. 

The Career Development program has supported LOLA PARKS to record and release her fourth album, No Apologies. This 7-track all-original sound recording was recorded with Jeff Dawson at The Den in Vancouver and features singles “Dreamer” and “Freight Train”, which have aired on multiple CBC radio programs. The new album released on September 25th and is available across all streaming platforms.