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Pixelatl | B2B Focus: Canada

Nov 12, 2021 | Motion Picture, News



Business Summit Goals: 

– Increase co-production and service work agreements between the countries
– Develop audiovisual supply chain in the region to increase the volume capabilities
– Build common strategies to increase the business’ creative business
– B2b Meetings between participating studios
• One on one meetings between studios to learn about each other’s capabilities, IPs being developed, software they use, etc.
– Networking activities
• ONLINE happenings that can help to meet other studios in the region in an
informal way
This event is only for studios and creative well-established companies that want to increase their current business or find possible allies to offer better services to the end customer.
There are 2 types of studios:
– Antenna Studios: Well established companies that have a big volume of production or their own IP is being produced in house and are seeking possible
partners to outsource part of their production or to develop together new IPs.
– Boutique Studios: Smaller studios that are highly specialized in certain processes or art houses that can develop and create original IPs