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Fort Langley Jazz & Arts Festival Produce Virtual Festival Guides

Nov 30, 2021 | Music + Sound Recording, News


Over the past several months, the Fort Langley Jazz & Arts Festival and researcher Junction Consulting Marketing spoke with festival organizers across Canada, studied their virtual events, and learned from their experts in order to create Canada’s first virtual festival guides. The entire music, arts and cultural industry can use these resources to embrace the future of virtual events.

In these set of two guidelines the researcher share the most surprising, interesting, and valuable practices that they have learned from the study such as:

• How to plan a virtual festival
• Where to publish and share your video stream
• How to monetize your festival
• How to create a show that people will want to watch

Read the virtual guides:

This work was supporting by Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia.

If you are interested in hosting or attending a webinar to learn more about the research results and best practices for your virtual event, get in touch with the Fort Langley Jazz & Arts Festival at