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Sign up for the Surrey Musician and Business Directories

Jan 21, 2022 | Music + Sound Recording


As one of the fastest growing metropolitan centres in the region, Surrey has a diverse community of musicians, music businesses, industry workers and fans. A Surrey Music Strategy is being created to provide recommendations on how best to further develop a thriving music economy within all Surrey town centres.

It will serve Surrey’s growing population through consultation, research, discovery, and community engagement. This will ensure the plan provides relevant and actionable recommendations to create a sustainable and resilient local music economy for generations to come.

As first step towards the strategy, the City is creating exclusive, Surrey-based directories that serve local musicians and businesses first. 

These directories will be launched as free resources that connect members of Surrey’s music community. They will provide direct access to Surrey-based musicians, event producers, not-for-profit organizations, venues and music-related businesses.

The City is currently accepting applications for these directories, which will launch in early 2022. 

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