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Music Company Development Funding Recipient Profile: Wideglide Entertainment

Feb 23, 2022 | Funding Recipient, Music + Sound Recording


Increasing Capacity and Developing Sustainability: Wideglide Entertainment’s Investment in Laketown Ranch

In a time of uncertainty and changes for venues and live music presenters, Wideglide Entertainment has invested in the construction of a third stage on their Laketown Ranch property with funding support via Amplify BC’s Live Music program. The new mid-sized amphitheater will host a capacity of 3,500-4,000 patrons, and will drastically increase their ability to thrive in a post-pandemic live music industry.

The Laketown Ranch plays host to two major festivals in B.C., The Laketown Shakedown, and Sunfest Country Music Festival.  This new venue addition will allow for more music and art to be enjoyed,  and will add to the audience experience with better crowd flow, improved sight lines and reduced accessibility barriers for Laketown Ranch guests. The new space is a welcome addition to the services Laketown Ranch already offers, and will allow Wideglide Entertainment to rent out to other live music presenters in the area.  

Laketown Ranch’s growth, especially as the live music industry begins to enter the summer festival season, will help further relationships with industry professionals and make this beautiful outdoor location a preferred destination spot for events in the region. Wideglide Entertainment’s ability to turn their stage rental costs into a permanent fixture that supports a more professionally produced performance will continue to attract high quality artists, while creating a better experience for event attendees.

Laketown Ranch’s events over the past number of years have increased tourism and economic impact for the Lake Cowichan area.  This, along with their contributions to the BC Music Festival Collective, will help to expand their resources and capacity as a business, as the live music industry in B.C. begins to rebuild and reopen.  

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