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Hill Strategies Releases Data on Precarity of Women in Canada’s Cultural Sector

Mar 9, 2022 | BC + World Themes, News

Hill Strategies Research has released new data underscoring how women who work as artists and cultural workers encounter specific forms of economic, social, and relational precarity in the Canadian cultural sector.

Says Hill Strategies, “The report Status of Women in the Canadian Arts and Cultural Industries by Coles et al (2018) highlights the many ways in which this statement holds true. Based on a review and analysis of more than 250 sources published between 2010 and 2018, the study provides evidence of the persistence of gender-based income gaps in several arts sectors and the limited recognition and dissemination that women’s artistic achievements receive in comparison to their male peers.”

This piece also speaks to the realities of another systemic issue for many Canadian arts and culture organizations: workplace sexual harassment, as well as continued efforts to manage and negate this issue in support of safer spaces.

For the full text, click here.