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Hill Strategies releases new perspectives on post-pandemic recovery and transformation for the arts sector

Mar 25, 2022 | Music + Sound Recording, News

In its 183rd issue (from March 2022) The arts and post-pandemic transformations: Societal changes, artists, and the arts, Hill Strategies’ Arts Research Monitor gathers four recent articles that offer unique perspectives on the civic and social impacts of the arts in an increasingly post-pandemic world. These articles offer additional context on the evolving role of the arts in a world that is also seeing seismic social, cultural, demographic, and environmental change.

Common themes articulated and explored include:

  • a desire for fundamental transformation in the arts;
  • significant improvements in equity and justice within the sector;
  • a need to better connect and embed artists (and, the arts more broadly) with other societal issues, and;
  • an increased focus on artistic processes rather than products.

Hill Strategies also released a recent report detailing related findings from Arts Insights Canada.