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British Columbia at Banff World Media Festival 2022

Jun 9, 2022 | Motion Picture


British Columbia is Canada’s largest, and North America’s third-largest, full-service motion picture production hub. The industry is proud of its international reputation for collaboration and a proven track record of providing exceptional value for the producer’s dollar. B.C. offers a full spectrum of world-class talent, locations, services, and facilities. From pre-production through to post production, clients return to B.C. for creative excellence.

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Prem Gill, CEO, Creative BC
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Learn about the Motion Picture Industry in British Columbia

Studios + Locations

British Columbia offers A World of Looks and 2.8M square feet of stage space with 120 sound stages.


Productions that choose to film beyond the main hub in the Lower Mainland region of the province enjoy increasingly competitive incentives. See all there is to offer just outside of Vancouver.

Crews, Infrastructure, Production Services

An experienced and highly credited workforce coupled with B.C.’s state-of-the-art studio facilities make the province a favoured place to create and work.


With a reputation for excellence in film, Canada is a valuable partner in co-production, holding bi-lateral agreements with close to 60 countries.

Financial Incentives

B.C.’s government is committed to the motion picture industry, offering foreign and domestic producers tax credit programs and strong financial advantages.

Climate Action

Reel Green™ helps Canada’s motion picture industry unite to improve production practices and reduce environmental impacts through strategic collaboration and practical tools.

Inclusive Career Pathways

Creative Pathways champions a dynamic motion picture workforce in B.C. that is equitable, diverse and inclusive.

About the Industry

Creative BC estimates $3.5B total B.C. production spend on 450 shows in 2021. View all recent impacts and learn about our dynamic, leading industry.

B.C. Filmmakers at Banff

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Tabula Dada Productions Haydn Wazelle
Kate Green Productions Kate Green
Now Global Distribution Eric Lapointe
Trembling Void Studios Ingo Lou
Mystique Films Christian Bruyere
Nathanael Vass 
Joy Haskell
Aimer Films Kent Donguines
Lark Productions Tex Antonucci
Wavelength Entertainment Jeff Stecyk
Falcon Features Arno Hazebroek
L’Etranger Film Productions Kimberley Wakefield
Cedar Island Films Henrik Meyer
Screen Siren Pictures Trish Dolman
Terminal City Pictures Christine Haebler
Omnifilm Entertainment Arden Lumgair
Kelly Roulette
Shore Films Charles Wilkinson
Marie Clements
Infinity Films Shel Piercy

Discover creators from B.C.

Our motion picture gratefully acknowledges the lands, languages and cultures of the 34 First Nations that are Indigenous to what is now called British Columbia. Visit to learn about your home on native land and how we in the industry can follow On-Screen Protocols and Pathways.