Green Vendor Showcase – Leaders on Location for Sustainability Forum

Oct 7, 2022

The Leaders on Location Forum for Sustainability took place this year, on September 17th, and was presented by the Directors Guild BC, the Locations Managers Guild International, Reel Green™, and the MPPIA Motion Picture Community Initiative. With a series of panels and the MPCI awards, the forum also included a Green Vendor showcase.  

The Green Vendor Showcase included five Reel Green™ Vendors: Driving Force,The Reusables,Onstage Cleaning, The Hertz Corporation and The Earth Group, with recycling services for the event provided by Keep It Green Recycling. The Green Vendor fair allowed these leading businesses to showcase their eco-services and products, providing a chance for discussion on their sustainable practices. 



In addition to the Green Vendor Showcase, there were three amazing panel discussions during this event with industry professionals!

Panel 1: Engaging with our First Nations Partners
Moderator: Mike Fantasia (Supervising Location Manager: Top Gun: Maverick, Killers of the Flower Moon)
Panelists: Alison Taylor, Jason Nolan, Johanna Sparrow-Crawford, Joanelle Romero

Panel 2: De-carbonizing the Set
Moderator: Geoff Teoli (Vancouver Film Commissioner)
Panelists: Ryan Schaetzel, Gemma Martini, Lisa Scope, Colin McDougal, Mary Jo Beirnes, Eric Cerretani

Panel 3: Virtual-Production and Locations
Moderator: Zach Lipovsky (Director: Freaks, Kim Possible)
Panelists: John Rakich, Matt Middleton, Gladys Tong

View the event highlight video below:


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