Reel Green™ Vendor Spotlight:

Feb 27, 2023

This month, our Reel Green™ Vendor in the spotlight is, a company aiming to make the world more circular and reduce our single use waste. In our interview chair are Founders Jason Hawkins and Anastasia Kiku.

Learn more about the green vendor’s sustainability mission, commitment, challenges and highlights in our profile of them below. Make sure you come back each month to learn about a new Reel Green™ Vendor making a difference in our industry.  

1. What was the intention behind starting your business? 
Both co-founders of Jason and Anastasia spend a lot of their free time in the nature: skiing, biking, hiking, surfing, etc. During COVID, they saw food delivery explode which created huge amounts of packaging waste. Jason and Anastasia felt the urge to protect the environment from all the takeout packaging waste ending up in landfills and oceans. They saw the opportunity to rethink the way we consume food and create a convenient and easy way to enjoy food to-go without waste.

Photo Credit: Jason Hawkins 2022


2. How are you partnering with the Film Industry to make it more sustainable? 
Film industry presents a very interesting customer segment for because of its impact potential. Since film sets often have 150-300 people eating 3 meals a day from catering and crafty, the sustainability potential is huge. In our experience, by replacing all packaging with Reusables on a medium-sized show, a production can divert around 1 ton of waste and over 4 tons of carbon emissions equivalent every month.

Photo Credit: Jason Hawkins 2022


3. What makes you different from other sustainable businesses? is proud to have designed its operating model with impact at the core. What that means is that every decision we make considers whether the outcome will have net positive impact. This way we can make sure that our economic incentives are aligned with environmental and social impact as much as possible. Such intentional business and operating model design has simplified our decision-making and allows us to build a truly circular solution.

Photo Credit: Jason Hawkins 2022


4. How do you partner/work with the Reel Green community? (Any success stories, etc.)
The Reel Green community has been extremely supportive of our work and provided a lot of value through introduction to production managers, studios, vendors, and many others. The faster we can spread the word about reusable packaging, the faster zero-waste shows will become the standard! The whole team is looking forward to working with more Reel Green community members to drive more positive impact together.

Photo Credit: Jason Hawkins 2022


5. Where can people find more information on your company and services? 
Check out the case study of our work with Death and Other Details last year! If you are interested in bringing Reusables to your production, get in touch with us at 

To learn more about and their services, visit their website There are over 30 Reel Green™ Vendors that offer a wide range of sustainable services or eco-products to help green our world. Let us know any Reel Green™ Vendors you would like to see in the spotlight next! If you are a Reel Green™ Vendor, and would like to be featured, send us an email at to set up an interview. was also the featured guest speaker back in November 2022, at our second Circular Economy Committee Meeting. The Reel Green™ Circular Economy committee was born out of the need to create resources and provide guidance for circular economy initiatives in the motion picture industry. The committee is engaging industry stakeholders, vendors and crew to discuss barriers and solutions to adopting a circular business model to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.  Learn more about the Reel Green™ Circular Economy Committee. If you would like to join us for the next Circular Economy Committee Meeting on May 31st from 10:30am – 12:00pm PST over zoom, register here 

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