Regional meeting for British Columbia’s cultural community to present and discuss the context and issues of the Broadcasting Act review.

On February 2, the Minister of Canadian Heritage, Pablo Rodriguez, introduced Bill C-
11 to modernize the Broadcasting Act. With C-11, Canada’s ambition is to subject
large online broadcasting companies to the same requirements for funding and
showcasing local and national cultural expressions as traditional broadcasters.
What are the issues underlying this bill? Why is it essential for the cultural
community? How can it help our artists, creators and cultural professionals?
The CDCE and the CMPA invite the entire cultural community of British Columbia –
artists, creators, producers, distributors, broadcasters and publishers in the book, film,
television, music, performing and visual arts sectors, public and private sector cultural
professionals, and civil society organizations – to attend a regional meeting on Bill C-
Broadcasting experts and professionals from various cultural sectors in British
Columbia will be on hand to discuss the context and issues surrounding the review of
the Broadcasting Act, answer questions, address regional issues, and identify how to
participate in the national debate and make their voices heard.



Chief Executive Officer, Creative BC

Presentation of Bill C-11 and its issues


Peter S. Grant is a retired Senior Counsel at McCarthy Tétrault LLP, one of Canada’s
largest law firms. For many years he was the head of its Communications Group. Mr.
Grant pioneered the field of communications law in Canada, and for over 50 years his
practice was substantially devoted to this field, including broadcasting and cable
television licensing, satellite services, copyright negotiations, cultural industries, and
telecommunications regulation. Mr. Grant is the author or co-author of numerous
articles, books and publications, including Blockbusters and Trade Wars: Popular
Culture in a Globalized World (Vancouver: Douglas & McIntyre, 2004), Canadian
Broadcasting Regulatory Handbook, now in its 14th edition, and Communications Law
and the Courts in Canada, now in its third edition. Mr. Grant was one of six experts on
the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Legislative Review Panel, which published
its report, Canada’s Communications Future: Time to Act, in January 2020.


Erin Haskett
President, Executive Producer, Lark Productions

Haydn Wazelle
Chief Executive Officer, ZedDrive

Robert Fraser
Bass Trombonist, Victoria Symphony / President, Organization of Canadian Symphony
Musicians (OCSM)