Music Funding - Amplify BC Recipient Protocol

Congratulations on receiving funding through our music funds!

Use the resources on this page to use Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia’s brand assets appropriately when acknowledging support for your projects.

All projects funded by Creative BC must acknowledge Creative BC and the contribution made by the Province of British Columbia using the joint logo provided:

Download JPG and EPS files from the Joint Logo Downloads section. Assets on dark or black backgrounds must use the color reverse logo.

CDs, Vinyl and Video

Please note that it's important the funder's logo be legible and that the "Very small reproduction version" only be used in circumstances where space is limited by the overall size of the physical asset. When there is any doubt, please be as generous as possible in sizing the logo in order to avoid delays or incremental costs due to returned artwork revisions.

Review the Usage Guidelines and Graphics Criteria to understand how to apply the artwork.


Artwork must be submitted for approval. Turn around is 2 - 5 business days and we will work to make it as fast as possible! Read about the Policy and Approvals Process, and submit your proofs through the online Third Party Use form.


  1. About Creative BC: Access Boilerplate Copy about Creative BC -- you can simply cut and paste it if you need messaging about who we are and what we do.
  2. Social Tags: For social media mentions please tag @AmplifyBC on Twitter or @creativebcs on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  3. Acknowledgement Text: When you mention the Creative BC and the Province of BC, please use the following language: “Supported by Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia”.
  4. Creative BC Name: For public acknowledgement, the full name “Creative BC” should be used