Usage Guidelines + Graphics Criteria

usage guidelines

The following two-page guideline will help you understand the applications requirements for the joint logo.


All versions of the Creative BC/Province of British Columbia joint logos are available in PNG and EPS formats. The EPS versions should be used for all print versions including digital and offset printing. The PNG version of our logo should be used for web and digital applications.

Graphics Criteria

1. Logos should appear in two-color version whenever possible. When the background field is light, the logos are to appear in its preferred positive two color version. For dark backgrounds, a reverse image is also available.

2. To ensure high quality, do not cut and paste graphics, instead, insert graphic files of the appropriate file format directly into your materials.

If you plan to use the files in a word processing program, such as MS Word, we recommend you download the EPS files to produce the best result. Use the Insert menu: Photo > Picture from file, and locate the file on your desktop. A JPG or TIFF file may also be used.

If you are planning to use the files in a page layout program, such as CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator or InDesign, we recommend you download the EPS files. Open or Place the logo file.

JPG files are provided for online use. 

3. The proportion (height-to-width ratio) must never be changed when reducing or enlarging a logo.

4. When only one color is available for use, the solid-color version is provided in both positive and reverse.

Individuals must follow the guidelines above when choosing the appropriate format for a light or dark background.

Where the BC Mark appears against a detailed background, such as a photograph, users are required to ensure that the detail and tonal value of the background permit the mark to remain legible and prominent.

Colors and hues that conflict with the values and hues of the BC Mark’s colors are to be avoided.

The B.C. Mark and Creative BC logo are to be visually similar in size.