Music Funding - City of Vancouver + Creative BC Recipient Protocol

Congratulations on receiving funding for your music project! All projects must recognize support of Creative BC and the City of Vancouver:



Download JPG and EPS files below to recognize support on your CD, LP, music video or marketing materials. Assets on dark or black backgrounds must use the color reverse logo.

Black png eps
Colour png eps
White png


Review the City of Vancouver's Visual Standards Guide in order to apply logos correctly. 

Black png eps
Colour png eps
White png


Review the Creative BC logo usage instructions below: 

Artwork must be submitted for approval through the online Logo Approval Form. Please leave 2-5 business days for approval. You will receive separate approval emails from Creative BC and the City of Vancouver. 

If you have any questions, please contact: 


Creative BC 


Tyler Fitzwalter
Graphic Design Team Lead
Corporate Communications


1. Acknowledgement Text: Please use the following language: “Supported by Creative BC and the City of Vancouver”.

2. Social Tags: Please tag us on: 

Twitter: @CityofVancouver

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram: @creativebcs, @CityofVancouver

3. About Creative BC: Access Boilerplate Copy about Creative BC -- cut and paste this text if you need messaging about who we are and what we do.