Mission, Vision and Values


Building a strong community doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time, commitment, resources and shared vision. Most of all, it takes passion.
From publishing to motion picture, and music to digital media, intensely passionate people drive British Columbia’s creative industries.
These content creators and creative entrepreneurs possess inspiration, tenacity, and a capability that attracts international recognition. BC's creators have made significant global impacts and importantly, they continue to experiment. It is essential for the growth of this distinctive economy that Creative BC foster its talent and creative courage.
The creative industries are converging rapidly, and our stakeholders believe that the greatest opportunity now lies in uniting as one community—leveraging our reach, reputation and potential to become greater than the sum of all parts.
With a track record of success and this single shared intention, BC stands to emerge as a powerful and integrated creative centre of excellence.
To achieve its vision, the sector looks to Creative BC for strategic leadership and collaborative action toward sustained, mutual success.
We understand the business behind creativity and our clear mission, together with industry and government, is to co-design and catalyze further economic opportunity. Together, we amplify potential for BC’s diverse creative sector within its evolving digital, global reality.
With this big picture in mind, we continue to support passionate people, meaningful careers and exciting new ventures.
We know that when individual storytellers are empowered, the community’s collective voice rises.
Together, we are crafting the future of BC’s creative industries!


Our Mission
Creative BC serves to unite and champion the success of BC’s diverse and distinctive creative sector.
Our Vision
A British Columbia in which creators, creative entrepreneurs and creative industries are united in a globally competitive, growing and sustainable creative economy.
Our Values
Creative BC’s values are activators -- they form the foundation of a shared vision for the strategic direction of BC's creative industries:
  • Inspire creative courage
  • Focus on client needs
  • Show service leadership
  • Develop a united vision
  • Trusted to act