Proof of Vaccination / Face Coverings

NEW! British Columbia implements BC Vaccine Check September 13 for non-essential services.

Starting September 13, 2021, some events, services and businesses are required to check a person's proof of vaccination for access to their venue or space. The requirements are made by the Provincial Health Officer (PHO). Per the PHO order “Gatherings and Events – September 10, 2021”, the proof of vaccination requirement does not apply to workers at the workplace when engaged in their work activities. 

Starting September 2nd, 2021, visitors to indoor public spaces must wear a face covering per the PHO order "Face Coverings (COVID-19) - September 2, 2021" . Film sets, including those at public venues such as restaurants and businesses, are closed to the public and functioning as a workplace with additional safety protocols in place for workers who are required to temporarily remove their mask for performance reasons.  The following definitions from Section 1 of the order can be referenced for clarity:

“indoor public space” means the indoor area of any of the following but does not include a working area

“working area” means an inside area of a workplace which is accessed by workers of the workplace and to which the public does not have unrestricted access;

Stay current with information coming from the Provincial Health Office and the Provincial Health Officer's "Orders, Notices and Guidance".

Stay apprised of changes through the BC Centre for Disease Control Employers & Businesses page.