Indie Spirits: Debut Docs with directors Elizabeth Lo and Lance Oppenheim
March 23, 2021
Indie Spirit's debut livestream is taking place Tuesday, March 30, 2021 at 6pm PST on VIFF Connect. An expansion of VIFF's tentpole event, Totally Indie Day, the year-round Indie Spirit Talks celebrate bold independent filmmaking and are intended for the next generation of filmmakers. Detailing how influential directors guide their ambitious projects from the page to the screen, these sessions offer the next generation of storytellers insights into how to employ both vision and resourcefulness.
Lance Oppenheim’s Some Kind of Heaven is a dizzying odyssey into the sprawling surreal wonderland that is The Villages, America’s largest retirement community. Winner of Best Documentary Feature at the Philadelphia Film Festival, Heaven strikingly captures Central Florida’s ambiance and offers a nuanced look at the never ending quest to find meaning and love in life’s final act.
Meanwhile, Elizabeth Lo’s Stray offers an enlightening dogs’ eye view of Istanbul’s streets, allowing us to run with the canines who roam them. A critical observation
of human nature through the unfamiliar gaze of dogs, the film is also a sensory voyage that invites us to embrace new ways of seeing things. Elizabeth’s feature debut won the Best International Documentary Award at Hot Docs 2020.
Both of these stunning debut features have earned accolades and acclaim, and will share the unique approaches they used to bring these stories to life.
Moderated by Kevin Eastwood, Producer/Director