Queer Competency Training Workshop
May 24, 2021
As the local film industry continues to move forward with a range of initiatives to promote equity and inclusion in hiring practices and workplace environments, the Vancouver Post Alliance would like to offer its membership a complimentary diversity and inclusion workshop, with this particular focus on LGBTQ2S+ inclusion. This workshop will take place May 29, 2021, from 10:00 AM- 12:00 PM.
Join this experiential two hour Zoom Workshop to help create a more inclusive workplace for queer, trans and two-spirited clients, employees, freelance workers and supervisors. Led by trained facilitators at Qmunity, BC’s resource centre for queer, trans and 2-spirited folks, you will learn LGBTQ2S+ terminology and respectful use of pronouns, reflect on society “norms” of gender and sexuality, understand barriers that LGBTQ2S+ communities experience, learn how to be a better ally and gain insight on how to foster a more inclusive workplace environment.
The VPA highly recommends this workshop for those who are in a position to hire, influence the hiring process, manage a team or those  involved in creating a workspace for either short term freelance productions or full time employees. This workshop is an opportunity to reflect and develop new perspectives, identify strategies towards greater inclusion, and challenge unconscious biases.