Lark Productions Creates Award-winning TV Series that Engage Global Audiences
December 17, 2015
Nestled in the heart of Vancouver’s Chinatown, Lark Productions gives exceptional talent a unique opportunity to showcase life in Vancouver with quality TV and digital extension (online) programming that goes the distance with strong partner and international audience potential.

Established in 2010, the Lark production team has worked with all major Canadian broadcasters. Internationally, Lark enjoys a partnership-distribution deal with NBC Universal International, a UK-based international production company paving the way to global audiences. Current productions include: Motive, Real Housewives of Vancouver, Emergency Room – Life + Death at VGH and High Moon (Sci-Fi, original movie).

Creative BC’s Slate Development Fund is currently helping Lark Productions develop two, new TV series pilots, The Council and Freaks. including a strong, interactive (digital) component for both.

Lark Productions is perhaps best known for its high-profile Canadian crime series, Motive (co-produced with Foundation Features) which also began with Creative BC support for season one’s digital product.  With an average of 1.3 million weekly viewers, this award winning television series is currently Canada’s second most-watched Canadian drama and the third most-watched Canada series overall.

“Development funding for these projects helps make pilot scripts broadcast-ready to effectively promote them to highly competitive domestic and international markets. Investment in production development is key—it puts us in the best position to attract and invest in talent.” says Laura Wheeler, Director of Business Affairs, Lark Productions

Adequate financing is their biggest challenge to creating and selling creative content for global markets. Lark manages this challenge by having several projects simultaneously in development.

“Creative BC’s Slate Development Fund is extremely valuable to us. Our mandate is to have a hearty development slate to be in the best position to get to production order.  Ongoing and more robust support would certainly help us in competitive domestic and international markets,” she adds.

Lark Production offers three tips to help industry newcomers:

  1. Watch a lot of TV!
  2. Be aware of the different ways of telling stories.
  3. Have something to say, have an attitude. If you have true passion for your idea the money will come!

New TV series pilot-in-development The Council, is an international thriller set in Canada’s north with themes that focus on Canada’s position on the modern world stage. Two RCMP officers, one rookie, one half-Native, investigate the murder of a foreign dignitary.

Freaks, another new, pilot-in-development, a comedy TV series, features suspended Detective Max Cutter who’s sent to a treatment centre where he meets a group of misfits who all possess an unusual skill coupled with a debilitating psychological disorder. Max trains the group into an unlikely crime-fighting unit.

Stay-tuned, both TV series pilots are expected to broadcast in 2016.

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Motive, Lark Productions