Resonance Films Succeeds by Telling Great Stories
December 17, 2015
From fairy tales to mysteries, romance and drama, good stories are central to our lives. They inspire, entertain and inform us. Jason James, an award-winning BC independent film and television producer and director, knows how to tell a great story. As president of the Vancouver-based Resonance Films, he is the creative force behind nine feature films and the CBC comedy TV series "This Space for Rent".

He is currently working on “Entanglement”   a feature film that tells the story about the interconnectedness of all things – about quantum physics, destiny and the possibility that everything happens for a reason.  “It really is a special project and it’s rare that something this beautiful, funny, and interesting comes along,” says James.

Resonance Films received funding from Creative BC’s Project Development Fund for script writing and casting of “Entanglement,” important development aspects of production and the essential building blocks to a successful film.

“My business model is all about story development. Funding support from Creative BC is invaluable in providing budget support for creative and promotional development. It’s allowed my company to acquire and develop unique material like Entanglement, Mountain Men and That Burning Feeling as well as This Space for Rent,” explains James.

Independent filmmaking is a tough business.   While producing and getting the financing to make is film is one challenge, getting the film in front of audiences is another.  More than 200 independent films are made in Canada each year, less than 10% of these are distributed.

James' work has been seen around the world, “I love Canada and the ability to make movies here, but when our stories travel internationally I feel really proud”, states James.

For those wishing to make their own films, James shares his top three tips:

  1. Focus on unique, original stories, it’s what everyone wants and needs. You don’t have to have a track record to write a fantastic script and see it get made.
  2. Know the marketplace and where you fit in. How is your story different? Why are you the only person that can tell this story?”
  3. Be tenacious. You’ll hear “no” a lot. But if you truly believe in what you’re doing, you’ll find a way to make it happen.

It takes time to develop a great script and film. Typically, James works on each film project for four years: two years for development and financing, one year of production and post-production, then one year of film festivals, theatrical and broadcast releases.

James also has two, new TV series in development with Bell Media and Corus Entertainment. And for both, Creative BC was behind Resonance Films with incubation funding.  

Entanglement is currently in pre-production with filming set to begin in September 2015 in and around Vancouver. It will be released on the film festival circuit in Fall 2016 then will play in select movie theatres across Canada. It will also be available on the Movie Network, Movie Central, iTunes and other video online delivery platforms by early 2017.

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TOP: Mountain Men, Resonance Films
CENTRE: That Burning Feeling, Resonance Films.