CrBC Industry Profiles

BC Industry Profiles

Creative BC conducts research, in consultation with industry stakeholders, and publishes reports on the size and economic impact of the creative sectors that it represents. These sector profiles also provide information on industry trends and challenges and opportunities for stability and growth.


BC has approximately 30 professional book publishers who operate in all sectors of the province, adding their cultural reach and economic impact to communities both large and small.  The majority of businesses are SMEs (small to medium enterprises) and publish across a wide spectrum of categories  fiction, non-fiction, regional interest, literary, children’s, scholarly and educational. While they publish authors from across Canada and from other countries, BC publishers are committed to supporting and publishing BC authors. In the most recent year (2013), their collective sales were between $27 and $28 million with a title base of 10,059 active print ISBN numbers and sales in digital works at 7% - higher than those of independent publishers based in Ontario.

This sector profile was prepared for Creative BC and the Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia by Susan Renouf and Tricia McCraney.

August 2014

BC is the third largest centre for music production in Canada after Ontario and Quebec and has a large and diverse talent pool of artists who are known for producing all genres of music including pop, rock, classical, blues, folk and jazz.  This sector profile was prepared for Creative BC by PricewaterhouseCoopers.