Mizzy Mejia

Coordinator, Music Programs
Mizzy joined the Creative BC team as a Music Coordinator in August 2021.  He has worked within several sectors of the music industry; as a performing artist; event & festival producer, booking agent and artist manager. After attending Durham College for Music Business Administration in Oshawa, he moved out west to Vancouver in 2009.
He began his career in Vancouver as a performer (KIDS, Holy Sock Gang & Dem Rosé Boys) but was quick to seek out opportunities within the business side of the industry. His first experience was street marketing for events/selling tickets hand to hand for the Donnelly Group and then Timbre Concerts.  This evolved into becoming a Production Manager for live events with Timbre Concerts and BREAKOUT Festival; as well as his own events for local artists, mainly the monthly installment of Catch A Vibe at the Alexander and Fortune Sound Club. He also has served as a manager and booking agent for several local artists and helped to secure opening performances for major touring artists and festivals in the GVR and nationally.