Getting Started

An accredited film school will help you discover your movie-making talents and acquaint you with the other important skills and prerequisites for a career in motion picture production. Contact these institutions offering studies in motion picture production for more information on the career path of your choice.

Take the Motion Picture Industry Orientation Course

This course is required for membership or permittee status in most unions.  It is offered through the following educational institutions:

2 days – usually weekends, approximately $150.00

Get to know the industry organizations, production companies, and other resources in your area of interest. 

Some places to look are:

Film terms and helpful information

Take a look at what’s going on

Once you know which area you’d like to work in, find out what the requirements are for those positions.  Take a look at the union websites which often post requirements for membership – including the training and education necessary for each position.

You’ll notice that some positions require a few courses, while others require more extensive education and certification.  Take a look at what the labour unions in and around Vancouver require for membership and permittee status.