First Steps

While the Motion Picture industry can be highly competitive, there are also a lot of opportunities and no “right” way to negotiate a pathway into this industry. One of the best things you can do is make the most of your personal network, including the networks of friends and family – most people working in the industry today have a story about how they met someone who provided an introduction and after that, they didn’t look back. It’s a process that takes persistence, diligence and passion, but so does working in the industry, so think of it as training for your career. So start asking around!

There are a myriad of ways to enter the industry, many of them dependent on your skill set, experience and what you want for a career moving forward. Consider these personal elements and start researching to find out what you can do initially, what you need to learn and who you can speak with in order to begin making your way.

There are three main components involved in getting a project from idea to screen: development (story development, screenplay, financing), production (physical filming) and post-production (editing, visual effects, sound and music)

Creative BC is not directly involved in motion picture, hiring of crew for productions, or managing a job board; however, we can offer some suggestions to help you get started. Below is an overview of training opportunities, work experience and networking suggestions for starting a career in motion picture production. While the list isn’t complete, the resources below are starting points for where to find information.