Where to Get Your Training

Some entry-level roles in motion picture production are a combination of on the job-training and weekend workshops to supplement skills and increase your knowledge base.

If you know what you’re interested in, find out as much as you can about that department and position, including what skills and experience are required.  Union websites are useful at this stage if they post departmental requirements for membership. You can look at those to determine what you need to learn. Please refer to Joining the Union below.

However, if you are interested in learning a specific craft, an accredited school will help you discover your talents and acquaint you with the important skills and prerequisites for your chosen career. For more information on the career path of your choice, contact the relevant institutions offering the program you’re interested in. We recommend researching your options before committing to a program to ensure it’s a good fit, and that you get what you’re looking for out of the experience.