Filming on your Property

Congratulations. Your home or property has been selected as a motion picture location.

Not only are you earning a little money, but you have a great story to tell your friends and you’re helping support BC’s motion picture production industry.

Once your property is accepted as a location, you can expect to hear from the Location Manager in advance of any location work and s/he will be the primary point of contact for the duration of filming should any questions or concerns arise.

Filming activity in a neighborhood can create parking, noise, and traffic congestion that can cause substantial strain for other residents and businesses. Therefore, a production company is required to gain permission from the municipality (or applicable authority) prior to filming. Please be aware that issuance of a permit is not guaranteed.

The Location Manager should provide you with a proposed Locations Schedule detailing dates and time the producers plan to use your property, and a draft location agreement.

The following is a check list for you to follow while in discussion with the location manager:

  • Use of your personal property in filming, safe storage of items not being used, and details for packing and moving personal property. It’s usually up to the producer to cover any of these costs.
  • Cast and crew use of washrooms, water, electricity, laundry machines and kitchens; smoking restrictions; trash removal; and, protective floor coverings.
  • The use of special effects such as smoke, snow, fire, gunshots, or simulated explosions.
  • Any areas off-limits to cast and crew.
  • Any alterations the production requires (painting, construction, gardening).
  • Positioning and parking of heavy equipment and vehicles.
  • Alternate accommodations and basic living expenses for you and your family during the shoot.
  • Obtain a damage deposit
  • Clean up and remediation requirements (again, usually the responsibility of the producer).
  • The agreement should also hold the production company responsible for all the activities on your property during the shoot, and release you of liability.

The producers should also give you a copy of their relevant insurance papers before shooting begins.

If you have any questions regarding on-location motion picture production on your property or in your community, an alternate point of contact is the local film coordinator at your municipal hall.