Luna Arts Festival
July 27, 2019
July 29, 2019
Arts Revelstoke provides artistic experiences in an exciting and inclusive way, creating a sense of opportunity and belonging. Arts Revelstoke is here to make a creative impact!

LUNA is an arts festival which brings art and energy to the streets of Revelstoke!

Don’t miss the event opening, LUNA Launchpad, at 6pm on September 27th.

Experience the LUNA Blast-off in the evening of September 28th in the streets of downtown Revelstoke.

Revel in the artistry at the LUNA Orbit in the daytime on September 29.

LUNA visitors are invited to discover over 30 art installations selectively placed within the downtown core, enhanced with music, food, performances, and business events which will run concurrently during the festival. Installations may appear in shop windows, empty spaces, alleyways and unexpected places as the familiar is transformed into something new and fantastic.

For more information on this festival visit their website here