Talking Stick Music Industry Day
February 15, 2020
TSF 2020: Music Industry Day

Designed for both emerging and professional musicians the topics will tip to working with hired musicians, honing your performance, marketing live show and building grassroots events. Facilitators for this session will be Sarah Pocklington, Emma Lancaster, Mary Ancheta, Kristina Lao, Larisa Sanders, Rupert Common, and Dennis Joseph.

Entry by pay what you can donate. Lunch included! Space is limited.

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This session is part of the Múyuntsut ta Slúlum Live Series (pronounced moy-en-tsote tah slow-lum).Múyuntsut ta Slúlum comes from the Squamish Nation and means ‘to submerge/sink/immerse yourself in songs/music’. It is an open invitation to music industry professionals, established, emerging and aspiring, to work in reciprocity and from a strengths-based perspective to support and ensure the ongoing development of Indigenous music. It brings together artistic leaders and arts professionals to network, share knowledge, brainstorm and strategize ways to work together on a common goal - to raise awareness, increase access and to deepen understanding of the Indigenous community and their artistic work.

Visit their page here for more information.