Free online training with SetKeeper, digital solutions for green productions
August 5, 2020
August 5, 2020
10:00 am
11:00 am
SetKeeper, Creative BC and Green Spark Group would like to invite you to our Free Online Training Program that will include an introduction to SetKeeper's digital solutions for Cast & Crew Onboarding, Digital Signing and Health Declaration Forms, as well as conversation regarding the digital tools that will help our industry be sustainable moving forward.
Now more than ever, being paperless on set is of the essence as it not only will help your productions be sustainable, but also safe by adhering to new health protocols that will require digital solutions.
  • Julie Bernard - Manager Production Services, Provincial Film Commission for Creative BC
  • Andrew Robinson - Principal, Sustainability Strategy and Engagement for Green Spark Group
  • Clara George - Producer, Sustainable Production Advocate and Advisor for Green Spark Group
The webinar will demonstrate how with SetKeeper - - you can keep your productions safe and green with the following functions:
  • Send Daily Health Declaration Forms and receive reports to notify if anyone from your crew could be experiencing symptoms that may affect others.
  • Collect Start Slips from cast and crew, which can be filled-in digitally via phones, tablets or computers.
  • Export information collected from Start Slips and Deal Memos back into custom templates or contracts.
  • Manage the workflow of the onboarding process: Approve or reject stipulations, digitally sign and countersign contracts, deal memos and NDA's.
  • Adjust Access Rights to control sensitive information within your SetKeeper project.
The webinar will be followed by an open Q&A.
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