Mexico-Canada Dialogues: the experience of the Canadian creative economy facing Mexican reality
September 30, 2020
September 30, 2020
In this dialogue we want to focus on the Canadian experience, how this framework of cultural and creative economy has been put into practice, and what points in common they have with the Mexican reality.
1. Multicultural and multilingual panorama of both countries;
2. Representation of cultural diversity in the digital world;
3. Digital divide;
4. Dialogue with the public (cross-sectorality) and generation of information;

● Julie Boyer. General Director of International Trade. Canadian Ministry of Cultural Heritage
● Pablo Raphael de la Madrid. General Director of Promotion and Cultural Festivals. Secretary of Culture. Mexico
● Ana Isabel Ceballos. Director. Artistic Development and Cultural Management. Secretariat of Culture and the Arts of Yucatán. Mexico.
● Robert Wong. Vice president. Creative BC, British Columbia. Canada

● Isabel Gil. Director AURA.

* There will be simultaneous English-Spanish interpretation.