Make a Music Video with Web VR
March 13, 2021
March 17, 2021
This March 13th and 17th (11am-2pm PST) IM4 will be hosting ‘Make a Music Video with WebVR’ with VR instructor Nancy Lee. This workshop will include guest speakers Kiran Bhumber and Quinn Brander. This will be a 1 of 2 workshops focused on developing a webVR music video using the online program A-Frame. Students will learn about non-linear immersive storytelling and spatial audio design.

What is VR? It refers to a computer-generated simulation where a person can be completely immersed in a 3D environment.

Have you ever wondered about how a virtual reality environment is created online? Try out this online workshop using A-Frame. In this workshop students will be given an introduction to Virtual Reality, and get the chance to learn the basics on how to build an immersive environment through web VR. The workshop will be split into two online sessions where you can sign up for each separately.

We hope to see you at this immersive learning experience!


  • Access to Wi-fi Internet, computer/laptop, and a webcam.
  • Download and install a Da Vinci Resolve
  • No experience required.

Register now to reserve your spot where you will receive an email to fill out application forms to complete your registration. As a requirement once the forms are completed you will receive a link to confirm the registration.

Please note due to the requirements of our funding structure we are prioritizing spots for this free online workshop for Indigenous peoples. All information in the application form will be kept confidential. The application will request your SIN number, and a copy of a status card. For non-status, Metis and Inuit peoples will need fill out a separate form. For any inquires you can email