Call for Entries: Smithsonian Channel
May 31, 2014
May 31, 2014

Call for Entries

Winners highlighted on the Smithsonian Channel

Over $4,000 in prizes

No Entry Fee

Submissions accepted beginning February 1st, 2014

Deadline May 31st, 2014

This is a call for original videos that explore and document the world around us. The top videos chosen will be featured as part of our video series, Smithsonian In Motion. Explore the world around you. Use time--‐lapse, split screen, natural sound and get creative. Then edit your video to 10 minutes or less and upload your work.

Categories: People / Travel / Arts / Natural World / Animation / American Experience / How‐to

Documentaries:   Find a subject and tell us a story
Time‐lapse:   Use this technique to capture everything from cityscapes to plant life
 How‐to:  Capture how things get made, designed or fabricated
 Profiles:  Document an artist or craftsman along with their area of expertise.
 Interviews:  Capture people’s stories and experiences
 Animation:  Set an interesting personal or historical event to animation.
American Experience: Shoot a story that captures anything uniquely American

Find a story, big or small, and capture it on video.

To see last year’s winners and for a complete list of rules and regulations visit:


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