Story Money Impact
May 27, 2015
May 31, 2015

Story Money Impact is a conference designed to raise the bar for filmmakers and organizations using documentaries or short films to promote sustainability, inclusion, and social innovation. These storytelling genres are playing an increasingly pivotal role in our societal fabric, impacting perceptions, behaviours, and policies. Yet despite passionate audiences, the media landscape is shifting, and traditional funding models are in shambles.

Alternative financing trends are starting to emerge from the rubble, but only a few producers have been able to galvanize these to create a combination of influential work and effective distribution, while sustaining a living.

Yet there is a silver lining to this challenge – one with a positive benefit to us all. Today, savvy media makers are going beyond just producing a film: they are creating an alchemy of compelling narrative, mission-aligned financing, and ingenious outreach strategies that are shifting world views. Today’s best projects are a dynamic synergy of story, money, and impact.

This conference will focus on where and how these forces meet. We’ll explore new partnerships in filmmaking, financing, and distribution that are fostering a thriving renewal in the documentary community, while at the same time providing powerful tools for change agents.

With Story, we’ll look at innovative narrative styles, the importance of connecting through emotion, and explore diverse platforms and genres, such as interactive story worlds, powerful shorts, and games designed for social change.

With Money, we’ll go deep in current alternative practices, most of which are driven by mission-alignment and shared goals and values: foundations, philanthropists, impact investors, corporate brands and crowdfunding.

With Impact, we’ll learn about emerging professional measurement practices, social media and campaign strategy development, and accessible tools for evaluation and metrics.

Story Money Impact will be an intimate, co-creative experience as participants pool their knowledge, experience, and best practices, with innovative leaders from across the issue-driven media landscape. Our goal: sparking new ways to forge a better future for filmmakers, investors, and audiences alike.

Further details on presenters, agenda and application process will be available this Fall.  Contact us for more information or to join our mailing list.

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