nextMEDIA 3.0 Conference
November 10, 2014
November 11, 2014
nextMEDIA 3.0 is Canada’s leading digital media conference and networking event focused on the creation, distribution and monetization of digital media content and technologies. The two-day event caters annually to the who’s who of the digital content community, attracting interactive producers, creators, distributors and marketers, online publishers and broadcasters, and connecting key players in the media industry with a focus on facilitating business meetings. The annual event is also host to the Digi Awards–a tradition that spans the last decade of nextMEDIA 3.0, which is a culmination of a renowned nationwide competition that highlights Canada’s most successful digital media companies and practitioners. The awards feature the participation of a combination of Canada’s established digital media leaders and emerging players. As the content industry marketplace for information and ideas, lead generation, transaction origination and brand positioning, nextMEDIA 3.0 dissects the production of content across multiple industries.