The Shortest Day – Short Films Screenings
December 19, 2014
December 21, 2014

National Cultural Initiative
The Shortest Day – Short Films Screenings
(Le Jour Les Plus Court)

Telefilm Canada, The National Film Board and SODEC (Quebec funding agency) are the partners behind the campaign to screen and celebrate Canadian short films nationally called The Shortest Day Dec 19 – 21, 2014.

To support The Shortest Day, Canadian schools, theatres, arts and culture agencies, local businesses and stakeholders are encouraged to exhibit short films December 19 – 21. The goal is to have short films screening in classrooms, libraries, theatres, cafes, lobbies, malls, museums, art galleries, storefronts, wherever short films may be watched and appreciated.


The Shortest Day is modeled on an initiative that began in France five years ago and has grown to win hearts in many countries since.  The partners have curated and licenced three programs of short films – a program for “Kids Under 8”, a general “Family” program, and an adults only “Comedy” program. All three programs are free for public exhibition Dec. 19 - Dec. 21 and run about 90 minutes each.
Last year was the first year and there were successful screenings in Canada from coast-to- coast. This year, it is hoped to grow the footprint and overall impact of this initiative, and to this end the partners are building in-roads in as many Canadian communities as possible. They are reaching out to find venues, public spaces and screens that would be willing to 'host' these line ups (please note the adult line up can only run in spaces that are not open to the general public).

Here's to weaving Canada together through short films: The Shortest Day!

The Shortest Day 1-minute English trailer is online:
Password: shortest

In mid-November The Shortest Day web site go live and community partners will be listed.

For content information, acquiring programs and any questions, interested parties may contact Sue Biely at or call 1-778-999-7832.

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