Raindance Vancouver - Essentials of Film Directing
February 7, 2015
February 8, 2015

This intensive weekend workshop is two full days of straight-shooting talk, action and exercises to turn you into a confident director who knows what to do from pre-production to yelling ‘that’s a wrap!’.

Essentials of Film Directing: Part One

A director is a storyteller. A director is a project manager.  A director is a visionary. Many hats to wear and many responsibilities to balance. Most first time or early directors stumble into the job or fake it on their first shoot, but here’s a workshop that will provide the guidance, tools and tricks gleaned from both the best of Hollywood filmmaking to the most current of successful indie film and television projects.

Essentials of Film Directing: Part Two

This intense day introduces participants to the complex, in-depth world of the film director and covers the director's visual concept, character analysis and development, text and subtext and the casting process.

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